Protect Your Business with Security Alarms systems

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With burglaries increasing by the day, protection becomes a very important matter. If it is your business, it assumes an even greater proportion because the loss could be very high. You have put your investment in the business and a single robbery could see you losing everything.

Every business should have a security system in place to protect their assets. There are different kinds of services available in the market. The service should be able to provide quick support in case of a burglary. A two-way voice connection or a live surveillance system that connects the business with the service is a good thing to have.

Let us see the top 10 security alarm systems for commercial use.

Protect America

Protect America is a system where the hardware is installed free of cost by the service provider. The devices include a control panel, door and window sensors, motion sensors and internal siren. There are also devices like temperature sensors and glass-break sensors in some packages.

Safe Mart

The advantage is that you need not install their hardware or software. They have a monitoring system that can get information from a large number of devices. They offer fire safety, security cameras, driveway and pool alarms etc. Their staff is quick and smart.


They are one of the oldest security service providers. Their monthly fee is very affordable for even small businesses. Their system helps you to monitor your office continuously from your laptop or smartphone.

Frontpoint Security

They offer fully wireless and cellular service which includes 24/7 monitoring system. When it comes to dealing with intruders their professionals are the best. Their emergency response analysts monitor continuously.


This is one of the highest ranked security systems offering systems that can be customized for your needs. They offer very good technology that is easily integrated with your systems. They offer the flexibility to pay for the devices in installments.


Their systems don’t need any phone lines. They offer quick cellular, text alerts, and email alerts. They have very good fine and smoke detection systems.

CPI Security Systems

The best feature is their app which gives you remote control over entry and exit points in your business. Their fire monitoring alarm will also alert the local fire department.

Protection 1

They are another top-rated security system. They will install the system for you. Their unique Tech-Tracker allows you to see who is coming and going and the time. They also provide a report on the status of your security system and whether you need to do any improvement.


They provide fire, burglar and intruder detection systems. We have the flexibility to buy the hardware from any of the major manufacturers. You can control the access from your smartphone and also view any security breach.

AT&T Digital

Provides for some basic facilities. The equipment has a lifetime warranty. You can monitor your property from smartphone, tablet or laptop. Contact sensors will detect anyone trying to open a window or door.

We have seen the top 10 security systems for commercial use.