Pruning and Trimming a Tree is Easy Now

It good to prune and trim a tree, it’s good for their good health and growth. If you don’t trim a tree it grows in different directions. A tree tends to grow towards the way the sunlight falls and most of the time the sunlight doesn’t fall on all sides. So if you want to increase the beauty of a tree you must prune it. In our gardens we always want our trees to be in shape. Pruning a tree is a very important part to maintain a tree. It increases its growth, longevity and it also helps the tree to fight different diseases. There are different ways by which we can trip a tree but here we discussed few easy procedures.


Decide What to Trim: At first you have to decide the parts that you want to trim. If you don’t decide from the beginningtrimming will be scattered. You will end up cutting some branches that you didn’t want to cut or maybe you wanted to cut a small part of them. It is also important to decide the pruning time because it helps the tree to shape up. If you want a slow growth summer is better, if you want an explosion of growth prune in winter.

The Tree Access:Look at the tree and identify the small branches and the large branches. If you need to cut a little up the large and strong branches will help you. Find out the main stem branches or the skeleton branches of the tree and avoid cutting them. It will hamper the growth of the tree if you cut them. Find your way how you will reach to the branch that you want to cut.

Damaged Branches: At first identify and remove the damaged branches. This is important to remove them because if you retain them they will ultimately die and destroy the shape of the tree. Remove the branches that are at the cross position so that the air circulation becomes better. The branches that are close together attract fungus and insect. This can be very dangerous as they sometime eat up the entire tree inside. Remove these branches and help your tree open up.

Branches that Causes Obstruction: There are some branches close to the ground that prevent in climbing the tree. Some branches are too high which cause problems to the electric or telephone wire. It is wise to cut them so that they don’t create obstacles. Cut those branches that help the tree to be in a better shape. You can also decide in what way you want your tree to shape up.

Cut the Branches to Reduce Damage:Late fall and early winter is the best time to cut the branches because in this time it puts less pressure on the tree. Make the cut on the underside of the branch. It is better to cut the branches several inches away from the trunk. You should clean your trimming equipment before you start the cutting. Dirty equipment can cause infection and disease on the tree.

To cut a tree you will find different equipments on the market. Hacksaw and chainsaw are good equipment for this purpose. Chainsaw is an automatic machine that uses electricity to cut trees. So if you want to use this machine you don’t have to worry about losing your energy and it will also save your time. There are other equipments as well such as pruner, lopper, hedge shears, pruning saws, etc. Trim your trees and make them healthy and look beautiful.

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