Reasons Why you’re Automatic Doors Won’t Last Long

If you install an automatic door on the building’s access way there are a few reasons why your new entrance will not stand the test of time. Just as we walk past the door on a daily basis we tend to forget that there is machinery inside that makes it function effectively. Just like every other machine, it requires regular maintenance. Here are some of the steps to take to extend the life of your door set.

Regular servicing

Think of an automatic door like a car. Since you service your cars on a regular basis, why neglect entrance door? Automatic doors repair service will show up any minor faults before they escalate into something big. You don’t want the door to be stuck locked on the busiest time of the day in a superstore, so contact professional technicians who specialize in automatic doors repair for quick servicing.

Part replacement

Another factor that causes door malfunctioning is age. When a door has outlived its usefulness, some parts begin to malfunction. The best fix is an immediate replacement. In the industry, changing the mechanical parts of automatic equipment is known as retrofitting. So basically, you need to replace any part that is not working. This task requires the professional hands of an expert automatic doors repair company. Upon arriving at the site, they will inspect the door and then give you a quote. Door part replacement can be complex, so you need expert’s advice.

Hire experienced technicians

This is a must that you have certified technicians fitting your doors. This will prevent any future problem with your automatic door. They should be fully insured, certified and qualified to handle every aspect that relates to door fittings. This way, you are assured of working with a professional who is well-acquainted with the safety standard. Don’t hire an engineer without these qualifications if you want to keep your door set safe.

Pay attention to the littlest faults

Do not ignore any minor repairs that the door might have. Contact a professional technician for inspection right away as this will reduce any further issues. Just like your car, treat your automatic door with proper care. Make sure it is checked just to be safe. If you keep hearing squeaks or groans whenever the door opens or closes, then you should know that something big is about to break. The best time to fix the issue is now. Get it checked over.


There are some automatic doors maintenance procedures that you can do on your own. This way, you can guarantee that your door is in good condition. Check to see if the sensors and the doors are functioning the right way. To improve safety, make sure the correct signage is hanged on the door.

Correct usage

Lack of proper usage can cause your automatic doors to become faulty. Not only that, it will make the door age prematurely. Do not open or close the door with force. Allow the automatic equipment perform its duties. Otherwise, you could cause the wheels to come off its tracks.

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