Refurbish your bath with a lot of fantasy

Of course, there are simple reversible ways to save you from the decorative curse called “bathroom in a rented house, with an owner who does not want changes”.

These ways will help you put your own stamp in the place, so that you can appropriate it and feel it yourself. The purpose is despite all the difficulties that you can leave your mark without compromising your guarantee and without being forced into decorating discussions with the owner that may not have the slightest connection to the subject.

Putting a carpet in the bathroom, things happen automatically: giving class, warmth, luxury and comfort to your bathroom. Especially if the floor slides or just does not like it at all, it is the best solution.

Of course a rented apartment will rarely have a bathroom curtain. So this should be the first thing to deal with. It does not take time, the costs varies from 5 to 25 euros and better choose a polyester curtain, cloth, latex or equivalent material so it does not absorb the water and drain it out of the bathtub. By choosing a bright-looking curtain or a beautiful pattern like the one depicted, you will have the confidence that you will smile whenever you come in!

In a rented area you cannot change tiles and usually the bathrooms have tiles, so you will not be able to paint the wall. So what solutions are there? Removable adhesive tiles or wall stickers. You can order stickers in the size of the tiles and change the bathroom at a time!

By placing posters in a cold room, you automatically feel it yours. You can choose a great poster Copenhagen in order to create a great room that is going to be your personal space which can also be a trendy place of the house.

By placing indoor plants in your bathroom, you add life! Directly the space gets another view, either bohemian or modern, and the room automatically becomes more enjoyable and tolerable. Depending on the circumstances, you can choose what best suits the needs of the room.

Important parameters are ventilation, humidity and whether or not it has a window. Plants that love moisture like the fern will help to better maintain the room by absorbing moisture while keeping it for a long time.

A good way to enter color in an indifferent environment is by placing some colored towels. You can buy two sets of three towels depending on your decoration and color palette. If you do not want or are not allowed to pierce, a piece of furniture such as the one depicted or a decorative staircase will help you show them up!

If we have learned one thing in the decoration, it is the attention to detail. Find small cans, soaps or toothbrush cases and store them as you need them. A jar for fresh flowers or whatever will make you mood in a difficult day is an excellent choice.

Storage areas in a bathroom are among the most important parameters. If the spaces are either insufficient or do not cover decorative, you can easily get some large wicker baskets. There you can put both your laundry and your clean towels or toiletries if you are talking about closed baskets.

A washbasin with large drawers that is attached to the wall covers you and the above, giving the bathroom a rich storage space. You can place baskets beneath it.

Whatever of the above you are going to choose, keep in mind that even though you live in a rented house. You have obligations but also rights too, when you rent a house.

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