Refurbishing the Kitche, What You Can Do Now

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To redo your kitchen, you must ask yourself these questions: how to choose the layout of the kitchen? What element is indispensable in cooking? What is the price of a complete kitchen? How to have a more secure and less dangerous kitchen? Which form of cuisine to choose?

How to choose the layout of the kitchen?

Do you hear about L-shaped kitchens? G kitchens? Kitchens in I? U-shaped kitchens? Kitchen islands? Each kitchen layout allows, depending on the size and shape of the room in your kitchen, to optimally use the space dedicated to the circulation of your kitchen. If you are renovating your kitchen, it is necessary to prepare some points to have a practical and pleasant kitchen in the months to come.

Be able to move, turn around without bumping or moving furniture. Easily reach the kitchen utensils, condiments, without having to take a chair to get in the cupboard too high or too deep. To be able to clear the table without making 50 unnecessary rounds. With the perfect kitchen renovation cost the options come perfect here now.

  • All this is possible if you follow a few rules. Let’s see them together.
  • A beautiful kitchen is also a cleverly thought kitchen, whose location allows you to move easily, well equipped with clever storage that make your life easier and secure so that everyone can feel at ease.
  • Island kitchen for the most contemporary and trendy. Be careful though, you will have to do some important work if you want to create an island with sink or cooking area (water supply, gas or electricity to create).

Do not forget the organization in triangle : the cooking zone, the fridge and the sink must be placed at equal distance, to limit the displacements and to facilitate your organization when you cook, cake, good little stew, or sandwich on thumb.

Kitchen plan

The dimensions of the kitchen are often based on standards, but the distance between the low elements, for example, must not be neglected. The key is not to bang you regularly and to move two between two furniture.

The installation of household appliances is important, do not neglect it. A good professional will advise you and bring you the little extras that will change your life when you use your kitchen on a daily basis. Take the time to think carefully about your kitchen equipment.

Take the time to rest on paper with a relaxed head, a quick plan of your current kitchen, what bothers you, and what you like. So you will already know what you will not compromise, what you want to keep and what you do not want anymore. Think about the kitchen equipment you would like to add.

For example, a table too long that does not allow to circulate easily or a dishwasher whose door opening is limited by a chair that you must move at each filling and emptying of the device are to be avoided.

kitchen storage

In the first place, if you have your kitchen renovated, all electrical and gas installations that are defective or substandard must be replaced. Call on professionals, guarantee of quality and assurance of a pose in the rules of art. If your kitchen is old, it’s time to add electrical circuits to have new electrical outlets in the right place.


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