Sectional Savviness: The Guide to Buying the Perfect Sectional Sofa

Sectional sofas with style, class and room enough to comfortably seat families and guests alike are trendier and more functional than ever before. Beyond aesthetic appeal, the beauty of modern sectionals is that they can be neatly situated in a corner or left to ‘float’ amid a room to help define the space and provide it with a focal point. With this in mind, here some tips from the design pros at Hancock and Moore in Los Angeles to consider when shopping for a new sectional sofa.

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Top Considerations When Buying a Sectional Sofa

Sectional living room arrangements require a bit of planning when it comes to the space you have to spare and what type of setup and materials will best suit your needs and lifestyle. Three tips for success include considering:

Space — While a staple of the room, sectionals shouldn’t overwhelm the room or block access to light-providing windows if possible. Carefully measure the space and create a sketch of your plans to take along when shopping.

Seat Count — Larger families or those who enjoy entertaining a number of guests will want to consider a more sizable sofa with greater seating capacity. It’s important to keep in mind that corner sections often don’t comfortably hold an individual.

Fabric Choice — Choose fabrics and materials that can hold up to your lifestyle. Is your home primarily an adult environment, or do kiddos and pets have the run of the casa? Picking the right material can be the difference between a long-lasting sectional or a short-lived one.

Next, it’s time to consider the various layout options that will not only add beauty to seating areas but will be functional as well.

Choosing a Sectional Layout for Form and Function

There are seven basic designs of sectional sofas that will suit just about anyone’s lifestyle and needs.

L-Shaped Sectionals — The most common type in homes today, L-shapes are perfect for smaller rooms with a singular direction of focus such as the television or fireplace.

U-Shaped Sectionals — A remarkable choice for large rooms, U-shaped options create a space for engaging conversations and games when entertaining and relaxing.

Chaise Sectionals — Love to kick back without dealing with recliners? A chaise lounge sectional fits the bill, and some models offer reversible options for the chaise.

Reclining Sectionals — Want to lounge but don’t want to consume space with a chaise? Modern sectionals offer anywhere from one reclining seat to all-reclining seats.

Modular Sectionals — These sectional permit certain pieces to be moved and rearranged for maximum design options.

Curved Sectionals —  Often sleek and contemporary in style, curved sectionals are the most popular option for those looking for a floating centerpiece of seating.

Sleeper and Convertible Sectionals — Like others models, these feature a sleeper bed that stores inside the sofa, while convertibles literally convert into a flat bed-like surface using the cushions as a mattress.

Find the Sectional Sofa of Your Dreams

When it comes to finding a large selection of sectional sofas, you won’t more options suited for your home than right here at Hancock and Moore in Los Angeles.


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