Selecting the Furniture for Your Basement

Part of having a finished basement is including furniture that is both functional and stylish. The furniture pieces bring the entire look of the basement together, so it’s best to choose items that work well with the building materials you’ve chosen and the overall theme of the basement space. Keep these suggestions in mind when you’re shopping for furniture pieces that will make your basement complete.

Sofas and sectionals are a great choice if you will be entertaining friends and loved ones in the basement space. This type of furniture provides lots of comfortable places for everyone to sit, especially if you purchase a sectional with seats that recline. You can also decorate the sofas with throw pillows and blankets that coordinate with the main living room. Of course, if you’re going with a completely different color scheme for the basement, your sofa accents can coordinate with your new decorations.

Rocking chairs and antique sitting chairs make great additions to your basement if you’re turning the area into a library or guest bedroom. If you’ve added certain elements like the windows or flooring to the basement yourself, you may want to take on the task of finishing or repurposing the chairs. Sanding a rocking chair that is made from wood or repainting the chair to match the colors that you’re using to decorate the basement adds a customized element to the space. You can also finish the rocking chair or borders of a chaise or reading chair to match the color of the engineered wood or hardwood floors in the basement. Adding the same finishing products or sealant to the furniture that you used for the floors can also make the space more coordinated.

 If the basement will serve as a home office, an antique desk that coordinates with the furniture or wood flooring you’ve chosen can give the basement a professional look that will motivate you to complete important tasks. A coordinating bookshelf is a good furniture choice for this type of space as well, or you can work with a contractor to have shelves installed on the walls to be more space-efficient. Shelf installation is also a project you may want to take on yourself. If you build shelves that go from the floor to the ceiling, you can make the walls appear higher.

If you’re using the basement as a playroom or entertainment area for children, oversized pillows and bean bags are a practical and comfortable addition to the basement as well. These provide seating that is closer to the floor, which could reduce the chances that your kids will injure themselves jumping off of furniture that is positioned off the ground. The bean bags or pillows can also provide a bit of insulation and a soft surface for sitting if you’ve used concrete or vinyl for the floors.

Be sure to measure all the furniture pieces that you want to add to the basement so you can make sure you can get them in the door or down the stairs and fit those into the area with ease. If you’re making certain furniture pieces yourself, measure each piece of wood precisely so that you can create a basement space that is inviting and well-furnished.