Should I Get A Home Inspection?

Yes, you should get a home inspection whether you are selling a home or buying one. A home inspection basically looks at different areas of a home and determines the state of the house and what repairs, if any, are required. All homes need a home inspection, even the very new ones because in the course of construction, a contractor could have made mistakes. Lets look at advantages for both buyer and seller.

Advantages for the buyer

It is obvious that a home inspection will allow you to know the state that a home is in before you commit to a purchase. There are many people who buy homes without inspection only to find that they spend a ton of money doing repairs. If you want to avoid this, let your real estate agent know that you will need one.

The best person to do a home inspection for you is a licensed professional from ASHI or the American Society for Home Inspectors. This is an individual who is licensed to do home inspection and who comes with a check list of what should be inspected. If you use an inspector who is not a member of the association, you run the risk of not getting an inspection report that is 100% correct. There are home inspection services that you can use, but make sure that they send you inspectors who are ASHI certified.

Remember that an inspection will reveal repairs or replacements that need to be done, and you can either agree to handle these and pay less than the asking price, or you can ask the seller to do the repairs and then complete the purchase once you are satisfied.

Advantages for the seller

People who are selling houses, including real estate agents have realized that more and more, homeowners are asking for a home inspection report before they can commit to buy a property. In fact, research shows that homes that have been inspected stand a 30% higher chance of being sold that those that have not.

Sellers also get to know what is wrong with a property ahead of time and fix it so that they can reduce the time that it takes to make a purchase if they wait for the buyer to ask for or do the home inspection, it will take a longer time to complete the sale and it will also be more expensive.

Real estate agents who want to earn a good name in the market will insist on having homes inspected and by licensed professionals. ASHI, the American Society for Home Inspectors is the licensing body that certifies individuals to perform home inspections. There are home inspection services available online, but make sure that whoever they send you is a member of ASHI.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, a home inspection is a must as it allows you to know the state of a house before you buy it. If you are buying or own a home already, make sure to do a home inspection periodically to check for damage or deterioration and stop it before it becomes expensive to repair.