Signs the Spring on Your Garage Door May Be Broken

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One of the most common causes of a broken garage door is a broken or worn out spring. The most common spring in a garage door system is a torsion spring, but there are other springs that can break or wear out as well. If you have a garage door system that is broken, you may find yourself wondering if it may be the spring. Here are three of the signs that the spring on your garage door may be broken. 

Your Garage Door Won’t Open

If the spring on your garage door snaps after the garage door is closed, the next time you go to open the garage door, the door may not open. This is because the garage door helps to support the weight of the door. Some models of electric openers have features in place the prevent the door from opening if the spring is not able to fully support the weight of the door. 

Your Garage Door Closes Abruptly

If the spring on your garage door snaps after the garage door is open, one of the signs that your garage door spring may be broken is that the garage door abruptly slams shut when you go to shut it. This is because the spring is not supporting the weight of the door. As such, the door gains momentum as it is closing, and in turn, it abruptly closes shut. This is a big concern because the door slamming can cause an actual broken garage door. 

You Notice the Spring Stretched or Fraying

The last sign that the spring on your garage door may be broken or in need of repair is that the spring is stretched out or fraying. Take the time to look in the upper right corner, left corner or middle section of your garage door, looking up at it while you are standing in the garage. As you do, you may see one, two or three springs. These springs look like large slinkies. As the door opens and shuts, the spring losses some of its elasticity. It can start to look like a slinky that has been pulled on too hard over time or it can snap. When it snaps, you may see fraying around the spring. If you notice the spring looks stretched out or frayed, it needs to be replaced. 

If you suspect the spring on your garage door is broken or you have other issues in regards to a broken garage door, contact a garage door repair company today. They can help to diagnose the problem and repair it, so your garage door opens and closes as it should. 

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