Six Big Myths about Locksmiths Debunked

Locksmiths come in handy during the most critical situations. From cars to homes, locksmiths can help families and individuals deal with locked spaces safely. However, some misconceptions about locksmiths have been doing the rounds and prohibiting people from availing their services confidently.

Read on to find out more about these myths and the truth behind them.

Myth 1

Locksmiths will have a copy of your key

A trusted St Louis locksmith will never make a copy of the key and will ensure that there is no breach of security during the process. Some people also believe that locksmiths have a bunch of master keys that can be used to open most doors. This is however not true. A blank key is adapted to fit the needs of a customer and is handed over to customer for their own use.

Myth 2

All locksmiths are the same

Every locksmith in St Louis is different in terms of service, cost, experience, tools used and so on. Some locksmiths pay optimum attention to the smallest detail while some others ignore them. For instance, not all locksmiths promise to keep the lock intact and avoid damage. Similarly, it takes an experienced locksmith to handle antique locks and car replacement keys. It is important to perform some research before finalizing on a locksmith to fulfill a particular need.

Myth 3

Every locksmith is available 24/7

It is always recommended to opt for an emergency locksmith in St Louis, MO as lockout situations can happen even during the most unexpected hours. Emergency locksmiths work throughout the day and come to the rescue of their clients as quickly as possible. However, not every locksmith service works 24/7 and clients must check with service availability in advance.

Myth 4

Locksmiths are only for lockout situations

People moving into a new apartment can change their locks with a help of a locksmith for safety purpose. Some families may require an extra key for their lock for multiple use. Adding an electronic lock to homes can give more security. Car keys may need part replacement. For all this and more, locksmiths can be of great help.

Myth 5

An emergency locksmith is too expensive

Emergency locksmiths charge an additional amount but are certainly affordable. Locksmiths offer their quote before starting work and any queries in terms of cost can be clarified in advance. Some locksmiths also provide a written quote even before the work gets flagged off.

Myth 6

Locksmiths do not offer any guarantee

Locksmiths do not work out of trucks. Like most of other utility services, locksmith service companies function as a trusted unit thus allowing clients to enjoy a fair durability of their work and products. The guarantee provided by each locksmith may however differ.


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