Six Major Benefits of Using Digital Video Surveillance in your Business Premises

In the previous years, the grainy surveillance systems which operated on analog technology represented a breakthrough in business protection, security and monitoring. However, analog technology is already obsolete as digital video surveillance comes into the limelight.

If you are thinking about installing a new digital surveillance system or upgrading your old system, be aware of the benefits of this state of the art system to your business. From security to productivity, there are a lot of possibilities.

Preventing Theft, Loss and Vandalism

Digital surveillance cameras capture and store more videos than analog systems and have a superior video feed. They provide wider viewing angles and high-definition clarity. Such quality offers businesses the ability to see clearly what’s going on within and around the facility. Such clear images enable businesses to pursue charges against people caught vandalizing or stealing property as they can now offer quality images to law enforcement that will use them to prosecute suspects.Image result for Six Major Benefits of Using Digital Video Surveillance in your Business Premises

Easier Installation

Compared to analog systems, digital systems can be installed more easily, help security teams operate the surveillance system more effectively and require less equipment. Analog surveillance systems include the use of complex wiring to cameras to view various video feeds.

Remote Monitoring

A highly integrated digital video system allows you to monitor your surveillance feeds activity from any location as long as there is an internet connection. Laptops, tablets and mobile devices are a fair game. From these devices, you can log in to your security system and access archived footage or view live streams.

Scalable and Cost-Effective

A digital system does not need too much physical structure in order to function. As digital cameras tend to produce higher quality images that have wider viewing angles, you don’t need many cameras to cover the same space. And it is possible to compress and store digital feeds with fewer paces.

Video Feed Recording

A digital system’s distributed intelligence fills the gaps in security coverage. It is not possible to sit and view each minute of security footage your digital surveillance system captures; however, distributed intelligence can fill such gap. Software programs can keep track of video feeds to pick up activities, events and specified behavior by recognizing movement patterns. And the system picks up alerts.

Enhanced Productivity

Employees may remain on task, feel safer at work and take breaks efficiently as they know that there’s an advanced, digital surveillance system that monitors their workplace activity every day.


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