Six Things to Keep in Mind when Renovating your Bathroom

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No matter how nicely-designed or well-built your current bathroom is, you will want to upgrade it over time. Your bathroom preference may hay have changed and now you have a new idea of your dream bathroom you want to achieve.  Your bathroom may not have serious damages but improving can maximize its efficiency and functionality. To make this dream a reality, there are things you must think about before you begin the renovation process. These include the following:

Renovation Budget

Having a Renovco bathroom renovation you can stick to is important to the success of your project. You must understand how much you are willing to spend on certain products so you can make important decisions. You don’t want the renovation process to stop in the middle because of budget issues.

Available Space

Often, the bathroom is the smallest space in the house so you must make use of every space you have. Take the bathroom layout into account and ensure you take accurate measurements. This ensures you purchase fixtures that fit the space.


Typically, plumbing for homes utilizes 40 mm pipes for drains. The bigger the drain the less likely it can clog. Unless your framing does not accommodate a bigger drain, you must consider increasing your shower drain to 50 mm. Moreover, homes in areas with temperatures that drop below freezing during the cold months must have water supply lines that do not get routed through an exterior wall.

Shower Floors

Often, bigger tiles are harder to slop properly and they tend to be slipperier as the grout lines are further apart. Whether textured or not, smaller tiles provide more traction. This makes them ideal for shower floors.


Recessed lighting fixtures are ideal throughout the ceiling to brighten up the bathroom. Consider having one or two in the shower with the right shower trim. To adjust the bathroom mood, install a dimmer. Also, think about how to use the mirror and whether you prefer functional or aesthetic lighting. Properly-placed bright light fixtures will help you see what you are doing close up in the bathroom.


A vanity that has drawer storage is a good addition to a bathroom. You can easily access and organize drawers. You can cut them out around the plumbing and choose to have extra large drawers for more storage space. Depending on how much space you still have, you want to install a medicine cabinet and some cabinets for your essentials.

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