Smoke Detectors- All you need to Know

By 2017, almost all owners of one or more buildings must have installed at least one smoke detector. By telling your insurer that you have complied with this obligation, you will (perhaps) benefit from a reduction in your premium. As for your tenant, he must ensure its proper functioning by checking the batteries or replacing the detector in case of failure.

What is a Smoke Detector?

This device detects smoke releases in the room where it is installed. It then warns of the danger by a powerful alarm of 85 dB. Its general work is to alert the occupants of a dwelling as soon as possible.

Where is it Installed?

It is best to install a smoke detector on at least 50 square meters of living space, and at least one on each floor, preferably in a passage, corridors, stairs… In rooms or living rooms, its presence is recommended. But, be careful, do not install a smoke detector in rooms too dusty – it would get dirty very quickly – and especially wet (bathroom, laundry, kitchen). Indeed, cooking fumes or condensation linked to water vapor can trigger the detector unnecessarily.

If placed in the middle of a ceiling, it must be at least 50 cm away from a low-voltage transformer or energy saving bulbs. It should also not be installed within 1m of heating, cooling or ventilation vents, which could disperse smoke, and within 6 m of a chimney or wood stove to avoid nuisance tripping. Once installed, the smoke detector must not be painted, otherwise, it will be totally ineffective. If you decide to remake your ceilings, you cover your smoke detector, or you remove it. It is totally recommended that you consult the service of electricians in Boston to install it for you.

How to Install It?

A smoke detector is fixed to the ceiling by a screw system. When equipped with a platform, installation and maintenance are simplified. Attention, magnetic or glued fasteners are not recommended.

How to Maintain this Device?

Every month, we should remove the dust on smoke detectors and, at least once a week; we should try it using the test button (it is intended for this purpose). Subject to this regular and normal maintenance, a smoke detector is then changed every ten years.


The smoke detector is a device that is essential for every home or building; it adds an extra length of safety by alerting residents of a building in the case of a potential fire outbreak.

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