Some Changes You Have To Make In Your Home before Getting a Growing Tent

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Growing crops indoors using grow tents is one of the most rewarding hobbies that you can have nowadays. Earlier people used to take up gardening as a hobby, but there is hardly enough space now to garden, growing plants indoors is the only option you are left with. So even if you are a person considering growing an indoor crop for fun or for commercial use, here are few facts that you should keep in mind before buying a growing tent for your crops.

Check for the space available

Even if you buy one of the best grow tents on the market it will be pointless if you can’t install it in your place. So it’s very important to check the space available before buying a growing tent. To find out how big a tent your home can accommodate, set out the space that you want your tent to be in, then measure its dimensions i.e. length, breadth and height of the space and buy a tent according to those measurements. When you have a 6×6 feet room it’s not recommended to have a huge 5×5 feet tent, because then you will have very small space to move around and work outside it.

Choose a clean place to keep the tent

Even if growing tents can guarantee you full environmental control with zero microbial interruptions, there is still a miniscule chance that things might go wrong, so placing your tent in a clean place will help you to reduce the damages that can occur to your crops by microorganisms.

For example if your tent’s zipper gets torn off or if you accidently puncture a hole in your tent, microorganisms can enter your tent area and damage the crops in it. So it’s very important to keep your tent surroundings clean.

To do this, constantly clean the area before and after placing the tent, have separate foot wear to use inside the tent and always wear a face mask, so that you will not bring in any pollutants from the outside that could spoil your plants.

Install the power supplies and ventilation shafts in the room

Having easy access to the power supply is vital to get a good crop using this kind of tents, as electrical power controls most of the tent’s activities. So before you bring in the tent go to the room where you plan to place the tent and install a power supply near it. Next make a window or a ventilation shaft that is opened to outside, to get fresh air. After completing all these you can now bring in your tent and start growing crops.

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