Stacked Stone: Veneer Panels Improve the Look of Interior Rooms

Stone veneer panels are a popular choice for home improvement projects for people who want the unique look of natural stone paneling but without the massive cost involved in using actual stone panels, and stacked stone is one finish that can help improve the look of many interior rooms.

Veneer panels are cut from actual stone – granite, marble, travertine (a type of limestone) – and are combined together to create the look of a wall made entirely from stone. But because they are just veneers, they are much lighter to work with and far less expensive than real stone slabs. And they’re also available in a wide range of colors and patterns to fit many design projects.

One great look for these types of panels is a stacked stone finish, which takes veneer panels of the same stone in varying-sized rectangles and gives the appearance of them being stacked one on top of the other. The width and thickness of the panels varies, creating a three-dimensional appearance that would have most visitors convinced that they’re looking at a genuine stacked stone wall.Related image

This kind of look has long been popular for outside walls and coverings, or for exterior areas such as walls around a patio or dining area. But designers are increasingly using stacked stone ledger panels to improve interior rooms as well, whether in the kitchen, living room, or elsewhere.

For example, consider using quartzite stacked stone panels to create a stunning look for an inside dining room. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that formed from quartz sandstone, and is a versatile material perfect for this kind of project. Use stacked stone panels in shades of white and gold for an elegant look that would pair perfectly with a wooden table and dark hardwood floors.

Living rooms or home offices can also be perked up with the right choice of stacked stone panels. One great look is to use panels colored in varying shades of gray, white, and orange to cover a wall in such a room, perhaps contrasting nicely with a desk in a home office. This creates a rustic look and an inviting space for people whether they’re relaxing or working.

Larger-scale projects are also available using stacked stone paneling, including covering the entire wall and surrounding area by a fireplace in a living room. For this kind of project, consider using travertine panels colored with shades of white and gold for a warm image that complements the natural fire, with the stacked stone appearance making for a stylish focal point.

Or stick with one color and cover a living room wall with stacked stone quartzite panels in slightly varying shades of charcoal gray. This is a dramatic color choice that will impress anyone who sees it, but is still neutral enough to work with other fixtures and fittings – such as furniture and units produced in lighter colored materials – and not overpower the room.

Given the large range of stacked stone veneer panels available, the only question homeowners face is not whether to use them, but how they could best be used to achieve a certain design goal.

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