Stylish Wooden Home Fixtures You’d Want to Have

For the coming year 2018, have you thought about changing the interior design of your house? We know that there are a lot of things to think about this Christmas season that you probably have not given any thought about changing the look of your house.

We understand because there are much more pressing matters to handle like finishing up your workload before finally getting off for your official vacation or doing Christmas shopping. But today, we’re giving you simple tips that you can do on your own or with the help of a skilled handyman that will give your home a fresh look for the coming year.

Antique wooden drawer transformation

Ironically, antique furniture, home decoration, and fixtures never go out of style. In fact, some even become more distinct and valuable with the passage of time. If you have antique furniture at home that you were able to maintain magnificently, then congratulations! But if you have stored some of them, like an antique drawer in the basement, it’s time to transform it to make it usable again.

Inspect that antique drawer because it may only have minor damages that you can fix. If the wood does not have any pest in it and it only has a few damaged portions, then you may only need to paint this drawer anew with pastel colored wooden paint. Meet a reliable handyman that you know and ask if you only need to use sandpaper to smoothen the damaged parts. After doing so, paint it with the color you like and change the knobs, hinges, screws, and other metal parts that have already become rusty. You may just find it the most stunning piece of furniture in your house after the transformation.

Floating shelf addition

Sometimes, you just need to be creative in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. This is true when it comes to remodeling your home interior. Instead of buying a new set of sofa or living room tables, why not get some pieces of wood panels and attach them on your walls for appealing floating shelves where you can place some succulents on?

Brass bathroom fixture installation

Some of our favorite recommendations are bathroom fixtures that may seem to have less impact, but really create a classy ambiance on this part of your house. For this specific addition, we advise that you get professional assistance. Some ask why hire a handyman if you can do it yourself. But if you want to have flawless brass fixtures in your bathroom, let experienced handymen install them for you.

Brass tissue and towel holders and grab bars will surely create a luxurious feel in your bathroom. However, they are very tricky to install. If you hire skilled contractors to help you out, then installation will be seamless.

Rustic kitchen table

Another fresh and stunning piece of furniture that you can add to your home is a rustic kitchen table. Find scrap pieces of wood or tree stump wood panel of the size and shape that you want for this project. We advise that you buy heavy duty wood scrapers to smoothen the edges of this piece of wood instead of using mere sandpaper. After that, apply varnish or wood coating that will make your table appropriate for the kitchen. Follow these detailed steps for a flawless look.

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