Sweet Renovations for a Small Bathrooms

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Removing the bathtub or giving a hand of paint are small remodels that you can do to improve any bathroom, but in the case of the mini size, can be an incredible before and after. If you have a bath and you plan to give a facelift to look better, do not miss these remodeling ideas that we propose. You will see how you get much more out of it! Read more below about bathroom remodeling Bethesda Maryland.

Coatings that Add Up

If you have already made the decision and you are going to completely remodel the bathroom, you have to know that, being a small bathroom, you will favor small tiles in light colors (white, beige), although there are trends in hydraulic motifs, replicas of stones, oxides or marble. If you want to improve it without changing the tiles to avoid the work, you can install the new ones thanks to specific putties for this, or makeup with a coat of paint, or vinyl resistant to moisture. 

For the floor, more or less the same operation and similar materials are enough. The ceramic that imitates wood, especially the worn one, and the vinyl floors can be perfect for a bathroom of these characteristics. Laminated floors click is a success if you are thinking of adding a radiant heating system. 

Lighter Countertops

There are many ways to lighten the countertop and the vanitory. If you dress it with the same material as the rest of the bathroom, you will be expanding the space. The open shelves are a good alternative to traditional furniture, they fulfill the same function and will look lighter. 

Cool Faucets

If you plan to remodel the bathroom, it is a good solution to install the taps. You gain at least 10 centimeters and everything looks wider. If you do not want to get involved in a plumbing project, you can choose taps with mixer single lever that looks slender and minimalist in appearance.

In the shower the sprinklers that come from the ceiling and the columns embedded in the wall work very well. Combined with a good lighting system, they can make your bathroom look like a spa in just 4 square meters. It is not bad though! You will be able to make the most out of the space and everyone will be amazed at the way you have turned your tiny bathroom into a haven.

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