The 4 Most Common Moving Mistakes

Planning a move is stressful.  There are many things you have to balance; and often you have to do it on a timeline.  The compounding stress, for some people, can be overwhelming and that leads to mistakes which, of course, can make matters worse. As such, make sure that you are well prepared for your move and keep these four most common moving mistakes in mind (so that you don’t make them).

COMMON MISTAKE #1: Packing Too Quickly

Whether you waited too long to get started or you overestimated the amount of stuff you actually have (which happens more often than you think) I can’t stress enough that you need to take the appropriate amount of time to pack.  When you pack quickly not only is it easier to overlook some things, but as time ticks away, you become more haphazard about the way you pack.  This means that things from different rooms will end up in the same box or singular items can be displaced, and difficult to find later, when you unpack.Image result for The 4 Most Common Moving Mistakes

COMMON MISTAKE #2: Disorganized Boxes

Similarly, it is easy to forget to simply label your boxes when you are only focused on getting out.  When you label your Kenwood Moving & Storage boxes—and group them on the moving truck accordingly—the unload and unpack part of the move will go that much more smoothly.  Remember, too, that the heaviest stuff should go on the bottom of a stack and you should try to load them into the new residence first too.

COMMON MISTAKE #3: Packing for Weight

Amateur movers forget that you have to pack according not only to room and classification but also for weight.  Refrain from packing seriously heavy items together in the same box, and also remember that you should not pack heavy items in large boxes.  It is not just about heft—you also want to think about mobility:  large heavy boxes are harder to lift and carry, but small weak boxes cannot be stacked.  Plan accordingly.

COMMON MISTAKE #4: Not Hiring a Mover

Sure, you can do it yourself. Moving is not really rocket science. However, if you hire a professional moving company, they will already know how to properly pack for efficiency—and they’ll probably give you the right boxes to do it.  Similarly, remember that you get what you pay for: if they offer a deal that sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  It could cost you a little cash, but it’s worth it to pay a professional company to finish your move quickly and efficiently.

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