The Downsides of Attaching Things to Utility Poles

The power grid that exists in the United States is something that many people take for granted. As long as there is not a major storm, most people are able to turn on their power switch in their home and get light or plug something into their socket and get electricity. It’s rare for there to be power outages, and it is rare for the voltage of electricity in a home or business to fluctuate.

The power grid in the United States is complicated. There are a lot of small pieces that make the power grid work. For example, a pressure treated utility pole will provide the strength and security needed so that power lines stay above ground and function properly, even when there is inclement weather.

If there is a problem with the electricity in most areas, it likely is connected to user error. This means that someone in the neighborhood did something that was not advisable and caused an interruption in the power.

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For example, it’s very common to see people putting things like garage sale signs, missing pet signs, or for rent signs on utility poles. In some areas, you may even see people mounting their satellite dish on a utility pole. These individuals may be surprised to learn that in many municipalities, using a utility pole in this way is not only illegal, but it does run the risk of putting the health and safety of utility line workers as well as the integrity of the power grid at risk.

It’s easy for a person to think that putting a little sign on a utility pole is not that big of a deal. But when you really meditate on it, it becomes understandable why many municipalities have outlawed this. Think about the obstacles that signs, nails, and satellite dishes put in front of a utility lineman. Working on a power line is a dangerous job. The more obstacles that are in front of the power lineman, the more dangerous the job becomes. Inadvertently slipping on a sign, being poked by a nail, or getting clothing caught on an obstacle could cause a chain reaction that leads to the power in the area being negatively affected.

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