The Eyes of Your Home: Simple Ways to Keep Your Windows Looking Like New

When you have new windows fitted it can feel like your home has been given a lift and even a new lease of life, so you will want to try and maintain that feeling by looking after your investment and keeping those windows looking as good as new.

Here are some tips on how to maintain that dazzle and sparkle going with your windows, including how to wash your windows and avoid streaks, a good way to use old newspapers, plus some tips on what you shouldn’t try to clean your windows with.

Keeping that shiny new look

If you have invested in new windows for your home after visiting a site like you will obviously want to try and ensure that they stay looking like new and are maintained properly in order to last you for years to come.

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There are quite a few different techniques and cleaning materials you can use to get excellent results so feel free to experiment with a few of the ideas to see which one works for you and delivers the best results.

What you should remember, however you clean your windows, is that regularly cleaned windows tend to last longer and the added bonus is they make your house look good too.

Try some old newspaper

A good tip to remember is to avoid washing your windows in direct sunlight, a cloudy day or when the sun has gone down are good times to get to work on cleaning your windows.

One method that works well involves a window-washing squeegee (make sure it has a nice soft and smooth rubber edge to it) and you can also make use of some old newspaper as an effective way of cleaning your windows.

The best way to get good results with your squeegee is to ensure that you have an area at the top or the side of your window which is dry. This is your starting point and if you start using the squeegee from there it will help to ensure that you get streak-free results.

Use some old black and white newspaper to clean your windows beforehand and then apply the finishing touch with your squeegee.

Treat your glass with care

It is just as important to remember what you shouldn’t use to clean your windows, as some products or items can cause damage that would be detrimental to the look and durability of the window.

Steer clear of harsh chemical cleaners, and petroleum-based solutions are not a good idea for glass care. Don’t be tempted to use a razor blade or an abrasive pad to remove any stubborn marks, as these should never be used to clean glass (elbow grease is the order of the day to work out a stubborn mark with your old newspaper)

Avoid the temptation to give your windows a quick blast with the power-washer too, as this level of pressure could end up damaging the glass surface, worse still, you might even damage the glass seal itself or the components.

Also, don’t forget to clean the window frames regularly to remove any dirt or grime that might have accumulated. It will help keep your windows in good order and cleaning the frames makes it easier to get better window cleaning results.


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