The Process Of Crime Scene Cleanup

The crime scene leftovers can be hazardous, and it is best for the professionals to give a look at the items at the crime scene and initiate the cleaning process. Crime scene cleanup is not something that an ordinary services agency can handle, and for this purpose usually, there are dedicated and specialized agencies who have the experience and qualification to collect and dispose of crime scene wastes.

The process of the cleanup in a simpler term is to clear the crime scene and remove all dirt and waste in the area of the crime. However, the task is not as simple as it sounds. In the initial stage, the cleaners are not even allowed to enter the crime area as the police officers, investigators, paramedics all need to look at the field for investigation purpose and such delays will allow the dirt and pollution to set in, so it becomes more difficult to clean the crime scene later. After the police and investigators give an okay signal to the cleaners, it is the job of cleaning professionals to remove all material, blood, and other waste from the crime scene.

Crime scene cleanup is risky because the cleaner’s job requires them to restore the area to its original state before the crime. For this job, the cleaners have to remove bio-hazards, blood, bodily fluid, and many other hazardous items that are present at the crime scene. Not only the blood content on the crime scene is dangerous, but it is also a carrier of germs and infections and the cleaners need to have the proper attire, clothing and collecting material to handle the waste. Not only the cleaners have to clear the area they also have the responsibility to dispose of the trash in the manners prescribe by the health and safety regulations of the region. Therefore all these cleaners are holding the license, technical qualification, and permits to collect the waste from the crime scene and dispose of the garbage waste.

Once the cleaners have access to the area, the whole cleaning process can take from few hours to few days depending on the situation of the crime scene and what fluids and toxins are left behind after the criminal activity. The cleaners will check to see the extent of damage to the area, the nature of the trauma, and the amount of bio-hazard waste at the crime scene. These cleaners come with disinfectant and chemical agents to clean all the places such as the floor, walls, and other surfaces and spend a good time in scrubbing all the items in the criminal area such as light fixtures, kitchen counter, tables, etc. The job of cleaner is not only to remove and dispose of the waste but to make the space livable again with no hazardous elements or infection threats to the people who will use that particular area. There are also crime incidents where the cleaners have to deal with a decomposed, unattended dead body and not only have to remove the body but make sure to clean the area chemically and use full deodorizing while making sure the air is breathable!

Due to the complexity of the process, it is not possible for all cleaning services to get the license and authority to work as cleaners at the crime scene. There are many requirements a cleaning company must adhere to, and approvals are also a part of these conditions. The safety and health commission also inspects the cleaners record, the qualification of the staff and the tools and skills the company has to clear the crime scene, before allowing them to apply for a permit to be a crime scene cleaning service.

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