Things to know before working with an architectural practice!

Every commercial project has the potential and scope to become a landmark in architecture in that region. If you are launching a new construction project, you should at least try and make the most of the resources, assets and manpower you have. Hiring a reliable name like architecte Stendel + Reich does have a few advantages. In this post, we are discussing further on how you can be more prepared and things that are worth knowing before you work with an architectural practice.

Start by understanding your part of the job

As a client, you will have to send out an RFP, or the Request for Proposal, to at least two or more architectural practices. Now, this may seem like a task, where you get on Google and find two to three companies with good reputation in commercial construction and send them an email for Request for Proposal. However, in practice, the work is much more elaborate. Clients are expected to have a few things in place before requesting RFPs. For example-

  1. What’s your estimated budget?
  2. Do you have a building program in mind?
  3. Have you considered a schedule for the new project?
  4. Do you have a design idea in mind?
  5. How do you want to deal with the design and planning process?

Appreciating the individuality

Every architectural practice is different, and while the overall approach to the work remains the same, you have to understand that their style might be different. The simplest way to evaluate a company is to check their work profile in detail. Allow them to speak about their work through references and case studies. Understand that they may have worked in specific industries, and therefore, unless their experience aligns with the needs and scope of your project, you cannot get the best out of the experts.

Be ready to collaborate

The process of planning, designing and launching a commercial project is a collaborative one. The team of architectures, design consultants and planners from the company will work with your core team to come up with ideas and suggestions. Sometimes, things may click in the first few days, while for certain projects, just this lone step can take weeks or even months. Keep in mind that the planning process sets the tone for the entire construction, and you don’t want to rush in that department.

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