Things You Need To Know About Composite Timber Decking

You can use timber or wood decking in different ways. You can extend the living area in and around your house with the help of Composite Timber Decking. You can give a new look to your garden and your swimming pool. Landscaping is not complete until you install decking and this is the reason composite decking has become the fastest growing decking material for residential purpose. People who do not have any knowledge about it may find it a difficult task to use the right type of timber for landscaping. In the last decade, there is an upsurge in its market and several reasons are responsible for this. Let us understand a couple of the reasons.

What is composite Timber?

Composite Timber Decking is manufactured from wood fiber, chips, sawdust and recycled plastic. The quality of decking material depends on the type of raw materials used in its manufacturing process. The mixture of all the above ingredients ensure that you will get a heavy wood that will not rot and you do not need to paint it. This is because during the manufacturing process they mix pigments and preservatives to enhance its durability.

Different types

There are two types of composite decking available in the market, solid and hollow. Solid composite decking is comparatively heavier and looks like wood. On the other hand, hollow composite decking has a fabricated looks. In winter and summer, solid decking will expand and contract, whereas hollow decking will not lose its shape.

Pros and cons


Synthetic and organic material makes composite decking a durable and good-looking material to beautify your house. The biggest benefit of using composite decking is its longevity.

If you will use real timber, then it will contract and expand in extreme weather conditions. It will rot and may get stains. On the other hand, composite decking can withstand extreme weather conditions without any extra layer of protection with low maintenance. Colorsare added at the time of manufacturing so they are available in different colors and shades. You can buy as per your liking and requirement.

There is no need to worry about termites and wood eating bugs that can damage your beautiful patio deck. You do not need to spray pesticides to control the emergence of termites.


If you want to paint your deck to give it a different color, then you have to paint it every year. You may have to pay extra amount of money for it.