Tips for an Office Move

Whether you need more office space or you are moving for the location, an office move does not have to be difficult. The key is preparation. You can look at the new space and decide where everything will go and what you need to purchase for the larger office. It is likely that you do not have all the décor and furniture needed for a larger space, so decide on a decorating theme and plan accordingly.

Add New Things First

Have the new furnishings delivered prior to moving the contents of your small office. This can help you to decide where to put the things you are taking from the old office. Of course, you will want to pack everything that is not being used daily and go ahead and move these items. Make certain to label them so you can find them when they are needed.

Employees should be given certain tasks to take care of during the transition. A moving checklist will help to ensure that everyone knows what they are supposed to do. If you are having a moving company come in to transport items from the old office, confirm the date with them prior to the moving date, so you know they will be there when you are expecting them. One example of movers in Pinellas County FL is Small Moves Inc.

The Day Before the Move

The day prior to moving you will need to take care of all the last minute tasks. This can include dismantling items for transport. You can take photos of the wiring of electronics, such as corner computer desk and printers, to make it easier to reconnect them. Make sure to keep all the parts that are removed from these items together in a zippered plastic bag or small moving box so you can find them.

Do not forget one of the most important aspects of moving. Let your customers know well ahead of time that you are relocating. Provide the new address so they will know where to find your new office. If you are planning to be closed for a few days to get everything set up, let them know this as well.

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