Tips for decorating in a rental property

Have high property prices put home ownership out of your reach? Of course, renting a home could be more financially palatable, but pose problems if you want to decorate the residence to make it look truly yours.

Many landlords won’t permit permanent changes to their properties, notes Ideal Home. Therefore, you will need to get creative with how you decorate your rented abode…

Buy some visually pleasing cushions and throws

It might be shrewd for you to head down to the homeware store to pick up some cushions and throws. These “go a long way when it comes to diverting your attention from less interesting walls,” remarks interior stylist Sarah Akwisombe, as revealed on the BT site.

You might not even have to travel out of town; Akwisombe enthuses that “the high street shops have a fab selection of modern prints, patterns and fabrics that can update your interior instantly.”

Get into indoor gardening

Another source of surprisingly pretty decor for your home can be… the garden centre! Yes, it’s not just in your outdoor space that you can grow and look after those plants.

Akwisombe advises: “Use smaller plants in bathrooms and kitchens to liven them up. Bigger indoor plants like palms or monsterosa can cover up boring corners or unsightly bunches of wires.” She enthuses that “plants breathe life into a room that can seem stale”.

Arrange some modular storage

If your rented home is particularly small, then clutter could easily build up and leave you wondering where to store all of your items. Modular storage could help – and has strong advantages in rental properties especially.

Modular storage can fit into a room of any size or shape. Furthermore, you will easily be able to remove it as your tenancy reaches its end.

Use rugs to conceal unsightly carpets

Maybe, when viewing your current property with a lettings agent, you were slightly repulsed by the sight of some of the carpets, but opted to overlook them because the property still ticked all of the vital boxes for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to simply accept those carpets.

Even if you aren’t allowed to change them, you could still place rugs over them, as recommended on the House & Garden site. The inexpensiveness of buying rugs is a major plus point here.

Replace the window dressings

As you can easily reattach window dressings that you remove in the property, the landlord is unlikely to object if you swap the original dressings for curtains or shades of your choosing.

As for what dressings you should shell out for, bamboo shades are especially recommended. You can easily find such shades that are inexpensive while remaining good-looking, not to mention straightforward to install. A home improvement store can even trim these to your window’s size.

When hanging up the shades, you might notice what look like signs of ceiling damage. Fortunately, a local firm can address an issue with roofing in Newcastle upon Tyne or wherever else you might be renting your home.

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