Tips for hanging sun and moon tapestries perfectly

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Different types of tapestries present different options for how people can use them in their homes. From hippie tapestries to sun and moon tapestries, purposes of these garments can range with each household and the personal preferences of each individual. Once you choose the right tapestry to use as a wall hanging, you have to know the right tips that you can use to make the hanging perfect.

Like the other types, when hanging sun and moon tapestry you have to start by getting the right measurements. Clear the space on the wall that you want to use and measure it, before using the same measurements in order to get the correct tapestry size. This is especially important if you want to buy sun tapestry online since you’ll need the exact measurements when making your order. Once you get your order you have to decide what method you want to use when hanging the tapestry. This could be pins or nails, rods or ropes according to one’s preference. Using a pin or nail is an easier option since all you have to do is push them into the wall to secure the hanging in place. You just have to be careful to make the painting as straight as possible.

When using a rod, it’s important to have the same rod size as that of tapestry. Some tapestry wall hangings may have rings for the rods but with others, you’ll have to make them yourself. After securing the rod on the wall, you’ll have to cut slits into the tapestry or use binder clips to hold the hanging and the hooks to hang on the rod. Hang the tapestry when you’re done.

For those who decide to use ropes, using screws will be necessary making this a less ideal choice when you don’t want to make holes on your wall. Start by securing the screws on the place you want the sun and moon tapestry followed by cutting slits for the rope. Ensure the rope is longer than the tapestry so that you can have overlapping sides to secure on the screws. Weave the rope into the tapestry and hang it making sure you stretch it out perfectly.

Whatever method you choose on the tapestry wall hangings, make sure you stretch it out well so that it shows the pattern on it. Using sun and moon tapestries is much easier since they tend to blend well with any room decoration. They’re also more vibrant and elegant making them suitable to add warmth to any room in the house.

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