Tips that will make your home and kitchen cleaner and junk free

Many people are worried that their house does not look cleaner.  Even after the cleaning and that’s why they don’t invite anybody over. These people think that it will have a bad impact on their image and which is in many term is true, so there are some tips that you can do to make your house look more clean.Every women which is the in charge of her house want a dream kitchen for herself. And as we all know that women don’t want to spend much money when it comes to house hold budget. So they want a dream kitchen but they don’t want to spend much money as well. There are many tips for you to do it by yourself if you live in Toronto but there are also many top rated junk removal service in Toronto which can do it for you.

Tips for homes

  1. If you just have one moment to clean, getting the tidy and noticeable stains off the surfaces will have a tremendous effect. After you get the clean off, spray the kitchen and the rooms with a scented spray which smells good.
  2. Start cleaning in the first place that the guest will see whenever they enter in the house and move toward the part of the house that where they will go last.
  3. Flush toilet, close the drawers, cabinet and curtains of your shower. Hang a bathrobe instead of wet towels. Use paper towels in the kitchen for the fast swipe.
  4. Stack things like remotes,books, and other random size things in order to give it the appearance of organization. Put things in the basket according to the room they actually belong in, in this way you can clean up even faster than other way around.
  5. Replace dirty dish towels and bathroom towels with clean ones and clean them with starch so they looked pressed.
  6. Flip your sofas and chairs cushions over and clean them all the way in Clean your furniture with attached cushion that you can’t flip.
  7. If it is a daytime open the windows for the sun light it will reflect from the mirrors and give your house a clean look than it actually is. But if it’s a night time turn overhead lights off and use lamp instead of that. Low lightening make your house look cleaner and hide imperfection.

Tips for Kitchen
First of all change the lights of your kitchen with the new LED vintage light which produce brighter light than the normal light bulb and it make your kitchen look brighter than ever. These vintage light cannot cost you more than 15$ and their life duration is way more than the simple lights that we usually use in our kitchen.

  1. The 2nd thing you want do is change your shelf liners. These non-sticky liners will help you to put out all the garbage and clean your shelf to start up as new.
  2. There will be many simple ways on which we can use nonstick liners you do not have to stick any particular curler like white or black you can give it any creative an artistic touch as you want to. This will not cause you more than 12$.

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