Tips To Choose the Perfect Wedding Venues

If you got engaged recently, then you are probably thinking of choosing the right venue to tie the knot. Choosing the right venue and booking it for your wedding can help you concentrate on the other wedding plans. Before jumping into Swan Valley wedding venues search, you need to know the basic factors that to be considered and establish the selection criteria easier. We have highlighted few tips to consider while choosing the right wedding venue.

Location of the Wedding Venue

The most couple feels it difficult to choose the right location for their wedding venue. It is important that the location you select must be easily accessible for the majority of your guest. If you are planning to host the wedding near your home or another city, state or in another country, you need to think about the logistics of getting your guest to the event site.

Wedding Date

You need to consider the date of your wedding. If you are planning a summer wedding, you can choose a venue with picturesque gardens so that your guest can enjoy your wedding event. In case of winter, it is better to consider log fire sitting rooms rather than a garden.


Before choosing the Swan Valley wedding venue, you need to consider the guest count so that you can choose the right wedding venue that could accommodate your entire guest. Draw up a rough estimate of your guest to know the guest count. According to the guest count you need to choose your wedding venue.


If you are planning on holding your wedding reception somewhere out of the usual place, then you need to check whether the venue can offer own accommodation to your guest. It is important to check the number of rooms available on the day. If you need to book more number of rooms, then you need to negotiate a good deal.


When comes to catering, you can choose a specific catering service or else you can opt for the venue which supplies in-house catering. You need to think about these options as some venues will be cheaper when outsourcing private catering.

Photo Opportunities

You need to look into the photo opportunities in the wedding venue you choose. Venues with picturesque gardens, historic architecture or rivers will make for some fantastic photographs. You can also look previous wedding photographs to get an idea of how the venue looks like when transformed into a wedding.

You need to have a good think about what you want in your wedding venue in Swan Valley Perth. Consider the points mentioned above and create a chart with your wedding requirements. Thus you can compare the various venues and make the right choice with confidence.

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