Top 5 Materials Used For Making Kitchen Cabinets

The world of cabinets is not limited to a few options in terms of material, design, patterns, colors, etc. now. Cabinet manufacturers are coming up with innovative designs which are available on materials like wood, steel, laminate, etc. You can choose anything for your kitchen but research properly before you settle for purchasing one.


Take a look at the various materials used for making kitchen cabinets.

  • Metal cabinets – This is one of the most popular forms of cabinets. Mainly made out of stainless steel, metal cabinets suit almost every kitchen type. You can go for a modern day metal cabinet or invest in one vintage steel cabinet if your budget is flexible. They are making a huge come back because of the easy maintenance procedure. To clean metal cabinets, you can use normal dish wash liquid with water. Buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol to get rid of the stubborn dirt, oil, and grease off the cabinets. If you notice a rust spot, make sure you immediately scrub it with an extremely fine steel wool to avoid further damage. If you are thinking of customizing your cabinet, you can expect a cost of about 5-8 time of a normal in stock one. The best part about getting a metal cabinet is that it is sturdy, sustainable, and generally remains unaffected by weather conditions.
  • Thermofoil cabinets – One of the easiest ways of maintaining cabinets is a Thermo foil cabinet, which is made of vinyl and particle board. It is extremely easy to clean this kind of kitchen cabinets. You can use mild detergent every once in a while for a thorough clean. And use a soft washcloth for the regular spills and grease. They have high resistance to moisture so you don’t have to panic about drying it at all times. You can get a very high end looking Thermo foil cabinet at a pocket-friendly


  • Wooden cabinets – Another traditional form of cabinet is wooden cabinets. They are available in a lot of textures and colors these days. From vintage white cabinets to the regular dark brown classy walnut cabinets, the wide range of variations available will surely surprise you if you visit the right shop. Use a mixture of vinegar and water or baking soda to clean the wooden cabinets. And for maintaining the new look even years after purchasing it, use furniture wax every once in a while. If you have a specific budget, you can go for the “do it yourself” “ready to assemble” wood cabinets which come in compact boxes. You can, of course, customise the knobs and pulls according to your preference.
  • Eco- friendly cabinets – If you are concerned about the environment, you can go for eco-friendly cabinets that are made from wood scraps, plywood scraps, and even leather scraps. Your guests will be concerned about the environment awareness too every time they visit your house. Available widely, eco-friendly cabinets are easy to maintain as well. Use a damp washcloth to clean them every once in a while. The main disadvantage of eco-friendly cabinets is its cost. But you can get discount kitchen cabinets if you research well.


  • Laminate cabinets – The last kind that I am going to mention here is the laminate cabinets which are made of layers of veneers. Affordable and classy, laminate cabinets are generally dent and stain resistant. Laminate cabinets are affordable and are available easily. You can use an all-purpose cleaner for this one.

Now, you know all kinds of materials generally used for making a cabinet. Research and then settle for one. You can choose anything like vintage metal cabinets, walnut cabinets, eco-friendly cabinets, etc.  Research must include things like cost, durability, cleaning and maintenance techniques, and availability.

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