Travertine paver pool deck design and cost

Travertine is a normal and simple rock like limestone and marble. It’s been utilized as a building material since old times – actually, it was the essential material used to manufacture the Coliseum in Rome. Travertine is additionally usually utilized as a part which is use for giving structure for indoor floors, dividers, and ledges. The demand of Travertine is increased day by day because it is really very good material for decorating any side of your house. Travertine is available in the global market in many different color options like ivory, walnut, red, and gold, you can choose any one of them according to your want.


Choice of your pool deck:-

There are many different things comes while we choose our pool deck some people prefer that making pool slip free surface and on the other hand some people prefer that pool must be beautiful and attractive. Like other material, they all get heat in summer they do not have the ability to absorb heat. But Travertine Paver is different from these all it can absorb heat and help your pool to be cool at summer. For buying the best Travertine Paver people from all over the world check miami store of Sefa Stone to get a travertine paver quote.

Travertine Pavers Cost Considerations:-

Travertine is the one of the most purchasing rock material in all over the world. And the average cost of Travertine pavers is $4 for per $6 square foot, without adding installation charges. In case you’re wanting to fuse pavers into a yard or pathway venture, likewise figure these all elements undertaking cost:-


  1. After charging the full cost of Travertine Paver, the other charge includes the whole labor costs which can be charge Between $50 to $70 per hour for project competition.
  1. Workmanship expert’s charges between $15 and $30 for every hour in view of experience and the accuracy required for a given employment.
  1. For other charges like project laborers, they will may charge between $10 and $20 for per hour.
  1. There are any other materials which require in full process of Pool Deck like including a sub-base which may be approximately about $12 for per cubic foot.
  1. The last thing which needs for making this all process complete is concrete. And the concrete will may be charged $75 per cubic foot.

So guys all you need to make your pool design full, above para will help you to choose right material. You can check miami store of Sefa Stone to get a travertine paver quote.

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