Turn Your DIY Projects into a Career

Do you enjoy your home improvement jobs so much that you hate to see the weekend come to a close? Why not turn your DIY skills into an actual career that you can enjoy while making money. All it will take is a minimum amount of education for certification when necessary and the ambition to dream big.


If dry walling, knocking out walls, or creating totally new looks in a house interests you, you may be a prime candidate for construction work. Many of these types of jobs can be learned hands on, but you will find classes offered locally. Vocational schools will often have them available to adults in the evenings which will allow you to keep your current job until you finish your training.

Heating and Air

Do you do you service your heating and air conditioning system yourself? There are always jobs available for people skilled in this area. Simply look online at sites like Art Newsome, Inc. for HVAC jobs in Hampton Roads. With the proper training and certification, you could be on your way to a new career in no time at all. You’ll be able to install, inspect, and repair systems in order to keep homes comfortable throughout the year.


Maybe you simply have a creative skill such as wood working. If you find yourself making furniture pieces and shelving for your home and enjoy the work, you could start a business of your own. Whether you decide to make small pieces that can be sold at local craft fairs or take orders for larger custom items, you will find that people love handmade items. You could find yourself creating works that will become family heirlooms.

Think about what jobs you like doing the most around the house. This just may be your ticket to a bright and happy future. Whether you take classes to work for others or start a business of your own, you’ll love going to work each day.