Understanding the Differences Between Floor Paper Types

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Contractors understand that they need serious protection for their floors. This is true whether the job involves vinyl, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, or concrete flooring. The product used in the protection job is known as heavy duty flooring paper. Here we look at several different kinds of floor papers such as builder’s construction floor paper, 50 pounds protective floor paper, red rosin paper, x-paper, and Aqua Shield.

Builder’s Construction Floor Paper

This paper is an affordable kraft construction paper. It comes in rolls that are easy to work with. Builders like how it is big enough to complete a few different jobs. For the construction and painting industry segments, this paper is a standard. Arts and crafts’ markets also utilize it heavily.

50 Pound Protective Floor Paper

The 50 pound paper is lighter than the Builder’s Paper. This makes it an optimal choice for the big jobs where construction and painting is involved. Contractors and others love it for its ability to protect the surface while still being lightweight.

Red Rosin Paper

The main advantage to this type of floor paper is its improved moisture barrier. It works better on jobs where there could be more liquid spills. This might involve paint or other fluids common in the arts and crafts and painting businesses.

X-Paper Flooring

Trimaco X-Paper is a superior heavy duty form of floor protection. At 1.5 times the thickness of traditional contractor paper it is also breathable. This means that floors which are still in the curing process can keep curing.

The paper is also simple to use and will repel smaller spills. Builders love how it allows them to save time on putting down floor paper protection while on job sites. This is why it is the gold standard for protecting all kinds of surfaces or floors.

Aqua Shield

For high-quality surface protection from fire, Aqua Shield is a popular choice. It is an alternative to Masonite that is durable, slip resistant, and even leak proof. The product comes in a heavy duty roll with a range of thickness available. It is so sturdy that it can protect any surface type in building, repair, and manufacturing scenarios.

Another advantage to the product is that it is entirely free of dust. This makes it optimal for use in both sterile healthcare environments as well as big construction jobs. The installation is fast and simple, cutting down on labor costs. With this product, the old days of using bulky and inconvenient Masonite are over at last. Builders can obtain this roll in up to 40 millimeters thickness to provide the greatest endurance and protection against both scissor lifts and forklifts.

In Conclusion

Builders have a great many choices for protective floor paper these days. Some of the sturdiest and high-tech ones like Aqua Shiled have practically replaced the clumsy and bulky old Masonite. The right floor paper for a contractor comes down to the needs of his particular job in question.

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