Various locking features for jewelry safes 

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There are various types of valuable jewelry that people wear on special occasions. These are generally expensive and thus it is important for you to keep them secure and safe in your home. There are various ways like installing security cameras, buying safes, hide jewelry in a creative place, etc. used to protect expensive jewelry. If you want to prevent the chances of jewelry theft then you can also get jewelry safe for sale online with various kinds of locking systems. It comes in a small size, thus you can keep it safely inside your room. 

Various locking systems of jewelry safes 

Biometric home safes – if you want to make sure that your valuable jewelry is safe then you should buy safes with biometric locking system. These systems open when you scan your fingerprint on its scanner. It is one of the best ways to protect the jewelry from getting stolen. 

Card swipe – nowadays, card swipe safes are also used by home owners for hiding and protecting expensive jewelry from theft and damage. This safe is unlocked with a card which consists of preprogrammed magnetic strips. It is also important for you to keep your swipe card safely for accessing jewelry at anytime. 

Digital locks – most of the safes comes with digital locking in which you can set a digit for locking the door of the safe. You can also hang it on the wall or fit it in any corner of the room for keeping safe your expensive jewelry. One should not share pin with others for various safety purposes. 

Solid steel lock – there are many safes which also come with solid steel hinges and have impeccable locking system. A key is used for operating the lock of the safe. It also comes with locking bolts which are made up of heavy duty material. 


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