What Do Former Customers Say About These Plumbers

 There is one thing that every consumer should understand when they are looking for information on plumbers as well as investigating on any other company.

Who to ask

Most people looking for plumbers will make up a list of the names of plumbers obtain from:

  • Family;
  • Friends;
  • Co-workers;

From this list of names that have been recommended to you, manywill then get on the internet to further work on more information that is reliable.Image result for What Do Former Customers Say About These Plumbers

Reviews on websites

When looking for further information you will eventually find their website no matter whether the plumbers are independent contractors or working for a company. On most business websites, a lot of the time you will find lengthy reviews that supposedly were written by satisfied customers. If there is no phone number or some way to contact those who supposedly wrote those reviews, it is my opinion that you should just ignore them. Most of the time you are reading what has been written by some freelancing writers who are faking these reviews and information for money.

Real or fake

If the reviews are real – you should be able to contact the consumer by email or cell phone. If you can’t find any way to get in touch – seriously just ignore the review and consider marking off the plumber who had these types of reviews.

Dallas Plumbing

With the reviews on Dallas Plumbing it is obvious that they are more of a survey and gave me the feeling that real customers wrote these – theyare not reviews but just a few lines.

Customer service

Also, customer service must be great for many people to remain a customer of a business. Many returning customers that have used the same business for years will go out of their way or pay a bit more if the business have great customer service. So, when you are looking for a plumber check out their customer service. Do they answer the phone with a smile on their face?

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