What Do You Do When Your Basement Floods?

What to do if Your Basement Floods – Express Plumbing Blog

There are many reasons why your basement might get flooded. When this happens, it can get very uncomfortable, costly to fix and sometimes hazardous. Here are some reasons why your basement floods:

  • Sewer line back-up
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Heavy Snowfall
  • Hot water tank leak or burst pipe

Let’s explore what the best course of action once your basement floods and what steps to take to prevent it. In the event of a basement flood:

  1. Call a water restoration company

Many times, homeowners try and assess the damage themselves. If the flood is minimal than it is ok to look around and discover the source of the water coming in. However, if the basement looks heavily flooded it is much safer to call a professional in case of a sewage back-up. You don’t want to risk taking any bacteria with you and spreading it to the rest of the house. 

  1. Identify the source

Ask the Water restoration company to help you identify the source of the water coming in and hire professionals to fix it. Some possible ways a water can get it:

  • The basement is not waterproofed. If this is the case, call a basement waterproofing company and protect your basement. 
  • Sewage back-up. In the event that your main sewer line is clogged and it is causing a backup, call a professional drain repair company to help repair the main drain pipe. 
  • Sump-pump malfunction. If the sump-pump malfunctions you can still call a basement waterproofing company as many of them will be able to take care of that problem
  • Cracks in the foundation wall. If this is the case, you can call a foundation crack repair company or a basement waterproofing company. Either one will be able to help. 
  1. Fix the problem

It is important to do some research before hiring a company to fix whatever the problem is. Turn to Google reviews, home stars, social media and other review platforms that will help you.