What is Obscure Glass and where it should be implemented in Your Home

The use of glass in homes has become very popular with designer and architects because of the aesthetics benefits it provides. Whether it’s on windows or doors, glass makes a place look elegant and sophisticated. The fact that it comes in different types is another advantage to homeowners. Obscure glass is one of the options that designers pick for home installations, and it is the kind that offers more privacy due to its textured and rolled features. Homeowners use it for decorative purposes, mostly because it has embedded patterns. The obscurity can be achieved through frosting, texturing or tinting, and a supplier such as Express Toughening has the various products. Your choice of glass fixtures depends on the specific applications you intend to use them on. 


Shower doors are some of the installations where homeowners get frosted stain glass or other forms of obscure fixtures. The bathroom is one place that you want to make comfortable and beautiful, given the amount of time spent in there. With glass, you can achieve that and much more but only if the choice is right. Patterned, tinted or frosted glass provides plenty of privacy when in the shower. The methods used to achieve this obscurity such as tempering or frosting improves the toughness of fixtures, meaning they last longer and you don’t have to worry about shower enclosure breaking and causing injuries.

Patio Doors

Most homeowners prefer the doors connecting the outside and inside spaces to be clear enough to give a view but translucent enough to keep curious eyes out. Patterned glass provides this advantage very well. You can have a door to the patio or balcony that lets you see your garden or backyard without restrictions. If your bedroom overlooks a stunning view, then a stained glass door will make the most of it. Besides that, glass patio doors offer great ways to complement your interior décor. They also protect the occupants of a home from harmful UV rays because they don’t let them penetrate the glass. 


Translucent glass from Express Toughening is also ideal for a conservatory because it allows enough light to get in to keep plants alive while protecting the area from harsh weather. A conservatory with toughened glass will not fail you whether it rains too hard or in the case of storms. The translucent nature of the glass means that you can sit in your conservatory while working in your garden and still see what is happening outside.Image result for What is Obscure Glass and where it should be implemented in Your Home


Glass windows are almost must-haves in residential homes because they let in natural light. With patterned glass windows, your home not only benefits from privacy but energy efficiency as well. Even though the windows allow light in, they keep out the heat, which is great for your power consumption. Less heat in the home means that the cooling system doesn’t have to work very hard to reach the desired temperature. When it’s cold, textured glass windows keep the heat in, which has the same results. For a home with cramped spaces, glass windows are excellent solutions when you want to give a room the perception of being bigger than it is.

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