What Packing Supplies To Use When Moving Home  

Packing is a crucial part of any household relocation. During the process, your boxes will be moved several times. In order to ensure your belongings travel safely, you need to get informed on what packing supplies to use when moving home. The best way to stay organized and choose the best packaging is to start planning well in advance. With enough time to plan and conduct the relocation, you will ensure none of the important tasks get overlooked.

Move with ease by using the right packing supplies

How to decide what packing supplies to use when moving home

Moving an entire home is never an easy process. Dealing with paperwork, movers and other important tasks while planning a new start and finding the perfect new home at the same time might seem overwhelming. However, with proper planning and right moving and packing supplies, the whole process will become much easier.

Whether you decide to hire reliable professional movers and packers, like Capital City Movers NYC or pack on your own you need to make a detailed packing plan. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate what kind of packing supplies to use when moving home and create a detailed packing inventory. The best way to stay organized while packing is to create a few separate lists to divide your household items.

Start by listing all of the items you want to relocate. Evaluate whether there is enough place for all of your furniture by planning its placement with a floor plan of your new home. List all of your possessions that need to be packed and moved. This list will help you decide what packing supplies to use when moving home. Try not to get overwhelmed and stay practical. Donate, sell or recycle the items you don’t need or use. If there are any of your belongings you can’t set apart with but don’t have enough room for, consider renting a safe and secured storage unit.

The packing supplies you’ll need

With a detailed list of the items you need to pack and relocate, you can start deciding on packing supplies to use when moving home. Here is a list of material that will help you conduct your move safely:

  • Moving boxes and crates are the most important packing supplies to use when moving home. 
  • Wrapping material.
  • Tapes and labeling supplies.
  • Protective gear and moving equipment.

How to choose the moving boxes

Even tough cardboard moving boxes are the most obvious solution for packing your home; many people tend to make mistakes when choosing the proper ones. In order to be able to safely pack and move your household, you will need to gather boxers of various size. By using more smaller boxes rather than just a few larger ones, you will make sure they can support the weight. Also, items like books and artwork can be heavy. Therefore, packing them in smaller boxes will allow you to easily handle them and avoid any injuries during the moving day. Also, if you are looking to secure your valuable belongings from damage, plastic boxes could be a good solution.

Different size of moving boxes will make the packing process easier

If you are moving on a budget and want to save some money on packing supplies, consider gathering free moving boxes. Your local grocery and liquor stores can be great places to find free packing supplies when moving home. Therefore, take a walk around your neighborhood and ask a few shop managers to save some boxes for you.

Being creative during a relocation can help you save money on packing supplies. There are many household items you can use to safely transport your belongings. Traveling bags, suitcases, plastic bins, tote bags, and plastic tubs can be used to pack items that are not heavy or easily breakable. Free packing material will lower the cost of your relocation. However, make sure you invest in some quality cardboard boxes or rent moving crates. Therefore you will ensure your valuables stay in mint condition.

Make sure you have enough wrapping supplies

In order to safely pack your home and make sure nothing gets broken during the transport, you need to buy proper wrapping material. Search for industrial plastic and paper wrapping supplies. Protect your furniture and larger household items with stretch plastic wrap and moving blankets.

Paper wrap will ensure your breakables and glassware are safely packed. In order to ensure there are is no loose space in your moving boxes, make sure you fill them with packaging peanuts and crumbled paper or old magazines. Save money while moving, by using towels, linens and old newspapers as wrapping supplies.

Label, label, label!

One of the most common moving mistakes people tend to make is not labeling their boxes properly. Use a few markers of different colors. Therefore, your movers will pay a special attention to the fragile boxes. As well as to make the unpacking process much easier.

Create a multi-color labeling system. You can either use sharpies or different colored types and stickers. Make sure you put warning signs on the boxes that require special care. The best way to stay organized is to pack boxes according to the room they belong to. Therefore, your movers can place them right where you need them. This way you can also easily reach the necessities and decide which boxes to unpack first.

Don’t forget to pack an essential box with the items you need during the first day in your new home. Some extra clothes, bedding, and kitchen essentials will be helpful during the unpacking.

Additional packing supplies

Here is a list of additional packing supplies to use when moving home as well:

  • Scissors.
  • Box cutters.
  • Duct and strapping tape.
  • Tape dispenser.

Stay safe during the moving day

The final day of your move will be busy and a possibly a bit chaotic. Besides having enough packing supplies to use when moving home, you will need some protective gear and moving equipment as well. If you are moving with a help of a few friends, you need to make sure everyone is safe. Protective gloves, weight belts, proper clothes and non-slippery shoes will help you avoid any minor injuries. Renting a hand truck or a dolly will help you move heavy furniture with ease. Create a loading path and remove any obstacles that could be a tripping or falling hazard.

Avoid injuries by renting moving equipment


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