What People Hate About Their Bathrooms And What To Do About It!

Designing a bathroom can be troublesome; many people want something that is practical but stylish at the same time, with so many designs to choose from; it can be somewhat confusing. When re-designing a bathroom, it’s better to address the problem areas you currently face so that you can be happy with your overall finished design. Everyone’s needs are different; some may want a bathroom that is simple and easy to clean, others may be addressing their mobility concerns, but for many, it’s generally storage (or lack of it!) plus space, especially if a bathroom is particularly on the small side.

If you are thinking of ways to try to improve the space, here a few ideas that may help;

  • Shower Vs. Tub!

This is generally a question that pops up the most! Do we need a shower and a bathtub? For space-saving, it is beneficial to take out the tub in place of a shower cubicle or even wet room, but if you enjoy a nice soak, you may not want to give up that luxury! To find a solution you have to consider it on practical terms, how often do you use the tub? If never or rarely, why keep it? If you do use it though, you may miss it if it’s gone, but you could always replace it for a newer, sleeker model if space is an issue, and can always keep a duo system of both shower over a tub if you like both.

  • Where to put the loo!

It has to be said because you’d be surprised at how many poorly designed bathrooms there is out there often containing a WC squeezed up a wall or in front of a basin, with hardly any legroom, Not great! Plumbing may not make it easy to move it elsewhere, but you may be able to move its surroundings with better design!

  • Vanity!

Oftentimes block the loo because they are too bulky! If so, you need to replace it with a more slim-line model! On the other hand, we hear of the opposite, whereas the vanity space is rather tight and can only be used by one person, well if space is applicable whey not swap it for a double so that more than one can use it at the same time. Okay, so the harder issue to address is when it relates to both, perhaps you have limited space but need extra vanity room? If so, the answer to that would be to rip out the vanity altogether and to replace it with a wall-mounted or pedestal design!

  • Light up your life!

The best-designed Dublin bathrooms, no matter what the size, have adequate, sufficient lighting, LED are the most effective for brightening up a bathroom and also energy efficient. If natural light is an issue, focus on ways to make a bathroom much brighter with lighting and its placement, you may want extra light around the vanity, for instance, and for mood lighting you may lust for dimmer lights that can be dimmed for a nice cosy bath time soak.