When Should You Have Your Home Inspected?

Getting a home inspection is something which you will inevitably do during the time you own a property. This could be at the start, during the time you’re living there, or when you’re moving out of the property. You can also get inspections for commercial buildings, such as office space or studios, but when should you have your properties inspected and why?

Before you buy a property

Even if the current owners tell you that they have had a home inspection, you should always find an independent company to carry out one at your expense. Yes, this is an added cost that you need to budget for, and it can be annoying if you don’t end up buying the property. However, it’s better to pay for a home inspection that buy a house that has problems with it, as this could end up costing you much more. If the sellers of the property show you paperwork for a recent inspection, you should still ask a professional to conduct one on your behalf. While most people are honest, it’s not impossible to fake inspection papers or ask a friend to come and do the inspection as a favour, which is why it’s important to take matters into your own hands when a large investment is involved.

When you think there might be problems

If you’ve moved into a property that hasn’t been recently renovated, it won’t be long before you start wondering about any potential problems which have arisen. Even if you had the house inspected when you bought it, there may be different issues that have come up or worsened during your time there. There are many companies that do property inspections in Perth, so finding a contractor to help you figure out whether your home has any issues shouldn’t be very difficult. Even if you don’t notice any problems with your property, some homeowners like to get an inspection done every 5-7 years just to make sure everything is in good condition and to bring them some peace of mind.

When you’re selling a property

The potential buyers of your house are likely to do an inspection of their own, but it’s always a good idea to hire a professional to carry one out for you before you put the property up for sale. This allows you to find out any problems which are currently present in your home, and you can sort these out before you start showing people around. If your house doesn’t have any big issues with it, it’s a lot easier to sell the house. Any issues will be found anyway either by an independent inspector from the estate agents you are dealing with or by somebody else hired by the buyers of the property, so it’s not easy to hide them and get away with it. If there are no issues with your property after the inspection, you can demand a higher price from your buyers, so there are many positives to having an inspection on your home in this situation.

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