Why Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels Are So Popular?

Cast Stone fireplace mantels render a highly sophisticated and classy look to your home interiors and make them look cozy at the same time.

First, Take a look at the history of cast stone products

Cast stone items have been used since time immemorial by artisans and craftsmen for both indoor and outdoor spaces and they produce a very unique and ornamental appeal to the surroundings.

Why cast stone fireplace mantels are gaining popularity?

This lightweight material has proven to be highly durable over the years. In the manufacturing of fireplace mantels, the cast stone materials are known to be the best among the alternatives for natural stone products. They are equally affordable too. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of textures and shades that would complement your home interiors whether it’s a new one or a renovated one.

Designs for cast stone fireplace mantels that you can choose

  • The unique designs range from classic to contemporary and you are simply spoilt for choices.
  • The seamless series of mantels are designed to render a flawless appearance. This is one cast stone piece that’s customized to suit your room and fireplace space. This series comes in a variety of styles such as limestone open cast, chocolate honed, and pearl veined honed to name some.
  • If you prefer simple designs then the archway types are apt for you. The archway design delivers simplicity with a blend of sophistication and elegance to the entire room.
  • The classic range of mantels is apt for you when you want something in simple yet majestic.
  • These are especially good for the conventionally designed old world styled houses. These render more detailed architectural elements while reflecting a profound presence in the entire setup.
  • Grand stock types comprise of mostly customized manufacturer series of mantels that are clearly created based on what the clients want and the designs that are more popular among the clients and consumers. You might as well come across ready-made cast stone mantels that suit particular home interiors.
  • Overmantels are placed over mantels so that they add a dramatic appeal to the entire fireplace setup.

Buying from top manufacturers gives you a lot of exposure. In this regard, Omega custom mantels can help you greatly with an interesting home makeover. They are gradually becoming popular accessories at homes.

Moreover, you can browse through the company catalogs and websites to learn more about such products and their consultants will surely guide you with the rest.


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