Why does Hawthorn make such great Hedges?

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For any homeowner, a touch of added protection around your property can be a real blessing. Not only does adding a hedge to your home help to make sure you are left with that protection, but they tend to be aesthetically very impressive.

The only challenge that you need to contend with is picking out what kind of hedge that you actually like the most. With so many choices to look at, where should you take the time to look at? One popular choice is a Hawthorn hedge. Why, though?

Native to the UK

One thing to note is that the Hawthorn hedge is a native UK plant. As such, it is more ready to deal with our harsh climate and our lifestyle than arguably any other kind of hedge. This is why many homeowners will look to buy a Hawthorn hedge: they know that it can handle the drastic British weather without wilting or losing any of its strength and charisma, making it an excellent place to start with.

Easy to drain

Another thing to note is that the Hawthorn is an easy hedge to use anywhere that allows for decent drainage. If you can create a drainage point, then you could place a Hawthorn hedge just about anywhere. That rough, ready, durable nature means that it can very easily be placed in a location that allows you to enjoy the draining process a bit more. It also helps to make sure that you are not often limited to where it can go.

Strong and sturdy

When you want to get a strong and stylish hedge, you want one that can grow at a decent pace. That is why the Hawthorn is such a good choice; they grow at a ridiculously fast past. With around 40-50cm per year, these are a very fast-growing hedge that should make it easy for you to see rapid growth without it getting out of hand. So, keep that in mind if you want a strong, secure, safe form of hedge to put up.

Cheap yet reliable

Often, value goes a long way when you buy a hedge. It’s one of the main reasons why we recommend that you take a look at getting some Hawthorn hedging included. They can do a great job of making sure that you can secure your home with a strong and safe looking hedge – all without having to break the bank to pick it up. A perfect pick and an excellent choice.

Beautiful to look at

Lastly, the fact that they tend to be one of the best looking hedges is another reason why so many choose to go with Hawthorn. When you pick this up, you will be left with a strong, glossy, green form of foliage that is protected with the rich, black bark that stands out amongst the various parts of the hedging.

For an aesthetically impressive, durable, stylish, and affordable hedging plant, then, look no further than Hawthorn.