Why the Homeowner Might Need Mobile Sandblasting

Sandblasting has long been an essential part of many industries, yet with mobile solutions, abrasive blasting can now be utilised by the homeowner. Why on earth would you want to have this service? You might wonder, so here is a list of just some of the things abrasive blasting can do for you.

Homeowner Might Need Mobile Sandblasting

  • Terraces and Driveways – No matter how long you scrub with detergent, the concrete driveway will never again look like it did the day is was poured. Not only that, the end result after a weekend of backbreaking work, is an uneven, patchy clean that looks worse that before you started. If your home is in Western Australia, there is mobile sandblasting in Perth that will transform your driveway to its original state in a single morning.
  • The Patio – Regardless of what the material is, sandblasting will turn back the clock and have your natural stone pavers looking like new.
  • Repainting the Exterior – If your home is brick, timber, or concrete, sand blasting is the ideal way to completely strip off all layers of paint, and leave the surface ready for a coating or priming process. It doesn’t bear thinking about how long that would take to do by any other means, so remember that, if you decide to repaint at some time in the future.
  • Timber Beams and fencing – If your home has old beams, sand blasting will rejuvenate and restore the original timber finish, and allow you to treat the timber once again. Fencing and gating can also benefit from sandblasting, whether it is steel, timber, or aluminium, and the surfaces will be ready for the appropriate coating.
  • Car Restoration – Many of us like to restore old cars, and it might be something sentimental from your past that you are determined to restore to its former glory. The engine, once taken out, can be sandblasted, leaving it not only clean, but also fully degreased and ready to be disassembled. When you reach the paint spraying stage, mask the vehicle properly and call in a mobile sandblasting company to completely strip the paint away, ready for the first coat of primer.
  • Garage Door Repaint – You might be a dab hand with the paint gun, and by sandblasting the doors, the surface will miraculously be stripped down to the bare metal surface, and then you can begin the work. There are many other times when sand blasting might save you a few hours, and if ever you think it might be the solution, there are reliable online contractors who would be happy to advise on all aspects of abrasive blasting.

The homeowner can benefit greatly from the mobile service, and with the wide range of applications, it will surely save you many hours of sweat and toil. With an experienced operator, most jobs can be completed in a few hours, and you can relax while all the hard work is done for you.

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