Why The Reverse Osmosis Based Water Filter System Dangerous?

Have you ever heard of the reversed osmosis water filter system? Do you know about its dangers? The truth is, by having the reverse osmosis based water filtration system installed in your home you are putting not just yourself but the lives of your loved ones at great risk. You probably might be asking yourself this question right now, why is the reverse osmosis based water filter system dangerous to my health?

The truth is, water forms an essential part of our everyday nutritional and other household activities which includes and not limited to cooking, bathing, drinking, laundry, cleaning, etc. Therefore it’s very imperative that you take adequate care of the water that forms the nexus of these activities so that it will become clean and safe for your health. However, taking care of your water requires a thorough and very effective water filtration system that is not reverse osmosis based. Avoid the reverse osmosis based water filter for the following reasons;

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  1. The reverse osmosis based water filtration method is a traditional means of water filtration that doesn’t remove all the impurities that it ought to remove from water. Therefore when you consider the great increase in pollution rate in the world today, consider the rate at which industries release chemicals and industrial waste into your surroundings, then you can only imagine the degree of contamination that your water is exposed to. Do you really think an aged old system like the reverse osmosis can do the job for you? The answer is a big NO!

Chemical like THMs (trihalomethanes), chlorine, chloramines, VOCs (Volatile organic compounds), etc, are contaminations in your water that the reverse osmosis based water filters will experience difficulties in removing. And when you consume such water, you stand the risk of getting various disease ranging from a headache, upset stomach to rectal and bladder cancer.

  1. As earlier noted, the reverse osmosis based water filter system doesn’t guarantee you 100% clean and safe water for consumption. But on the contrary, it ensures the removal of all those essential minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium etc; that are present in your water. And normally when you continue to drink such water it will lead to cases of severe weak bones, pain in joints, vitamin deficiency, and other teeth related issues like bleeding, plaque, etc.
  1. Another important fact to note about the reverse osmosis system is that, it’s quite expensive to install and maintain when compared to other water filtration systems.
  1. The reverse osmosis is usually despised not just for it inefficiency alone but also for the fact that it consumes a lot of electricity and is also renowned for its ability to waste around 2/3rd of water.

In conclusion, having known all these facts about the reverse osmosis based water filter and why it’s usually not recommended by experts you then have to look for other viable alternatives that are well proven to do the job.

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