Why you need to check out kitchen displays before buying

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With the current trend for new kitchens, fuelled no doubt by all those home improvement shows on TV, careful kitchen planning has never been more important.

It’s actually easier and easier these days to shop online, or be influenced by those enticing ‘sale now on’ adverts during commercial breaks on TV, but a note of caution – it can all go easily wrong.

In the case of those TV adverts, who do you think ends up paying for that expensive spot on the TV? Of course – you do – often by paying ‘over the odds’ for the kitchen, appliances, installation service etc. Ask yourself this question – if this kitchen design and planning service is so good, why do they not spend a lot of money to advertise?

In the case of shopping online, it’s (sadly) often the case that what you may save in money, you lose in hassle. All it takes is a late delivery, or to discover your planning or design skills are actually not as good as you thought, and your dream kitchen soon becomes a nightmare.

There is a better way to your dream kitchen

Perhaps the best way, and an ideal first step on the road to a dream kitchen, is to actually go and look at kitchen displays in Sheffield before you do anything else.

Firstly, by looking around at existing kitchen displays, you can actually see, touch, feel and immerse yourself in how that dream kitchen in your head actually seems in reality. What may have seemed a winning design touch in your mind may not actually be practical, or look like you imagined it, and it’s better to realise it now before it’s too late.

Secondly, it’s all about the planning when it comes to kitchens. You need to start with a few ideas and a general design in your mind, and often the best way is to be inspired by existing displays. You may see something that’s a great idea, an appliance that’s exactly what you need, or perhaps decide that the colour you imagined doesn’t quite match in reality.

Thirdly, by looking at existing kitchens, you can assess the quality of installation skills and finishes. Compare this with shopping online – not only may the product be slightly different when delivered, but the installers may not actually be the craftsmen they claimed to be. By trusting a kitchen design and installation company, you can be reassured your kitchen will be installed to the same high standards as the displays.

Finally, budget always needs to be considered. When you actually look at existing kitchen displays, you can accurately price out what they cost – and adjust accordingly. You may decide to install cheaper – or more luxurious – appliances, or change the work surface from laminate to granite.

So, the main advantage in visiting kitchen displays before buying is you can be reassured – your design will be just as you imagined it to be, installed to quality you expect, and at the right price.

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