Why You Want to Renovate with Polished Plaster

If you want to create the look of Venetian plaster, this polished plaster upgrade is certainly an improvement that will have a lasting effect. Popularised by Renaissance-era builders, Venetian plaster, also called texture plaster or polished plaster, is a sophisticated design choice – one that cannot be replicated by conventional plasters and paints.

An Interior and Exterior Upgrade

The longstanding reputation of this type of plaster product is attributed to the material’s myriad of colours, textures, and applications. As a result, polished plaster can be applied to both exterior and interior surfaces.

Want to Renovate with Polished Plaster

Venetian plaster is a finish that is manufactured with marble dust and slaked lime. The plaster was frequently seen on walls during the 1500s in Venice, Italy. Today, the plaster is one of the most-often requested plasters in the marketplace.

A Variety of Applications

One of the reasons the material is so well-liked is that it can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including drywall, tile, wood, cement board, brick, and exterior woods. You can also use the treatment on archways and columnar structures.

Venetian plaster dries to a durable rock-solid finish. The finish also resists shrinking. Therefore, polished plaster in Perth features some flex, making it stand up to impacts that would cause other plaster finishes to crack. Also, if a flaw in the wall needs to be fixed, the plaster can be repaired easily. That is because repairs do not require the replacement of a large section of wall.

A Finish That Is Easy to Maintain

When you renovate or build using Venetian plaster, you will find that the finish is easy to maintain. The plaster is featured in a number of pre-mixed pigments that can last over time without any fading. As a result, you do not have to repaint the surface. The finish, when cured, wets and dries pronto, so cleaning walls on the inside or outside is a simple task.

This type of plaster permits water vapours to absorb freely or evaporate readily, which prevents the entrapment of moisture beneath the surface. With finishes like vinyl, this can be problematic, but it’s not a problem with Venetian plaster.

A Fresh New Look

As noted, Venetian plaster is interchangeable, adaptable, and timeless. Although the in-built colouring gets rid of the need to paint, plaster that is polished conveys an extra-smooth surface – a surface that can easily be modified. For example, with a minimum amount of preparation, you can change a nursery into a teen’s bedroom or give a living area a fresh new look.

If you want to go green today, then you need to choose polished or Venetian plaster. The ingredients in the formulation for the material are natural and non-toxic. When applied as a veneer of at least two coats, the plaster improves the air quality in a home.

An Antibacterial Upgrade

The lime in the product has a high pH, which gives the plaster an antibacterial quality. As a result, the growth of mould or other fungi is inhibited. The added insulation the plaster can provide also helps you save on energy.

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