Working With a Trade Windows & Doors Supplier: 4 Tips for a Win-Win Partnership

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No matter what industry you are in, what home improvement project you are looking to tackle, what skills you are attempting to obtain, or any other project in your life, one thing remains consistent — you are going to need some help.

The relationships you cultivate in your life and in your business are essential when it comes to assisting you in reaching your goals and executing your vision. Particularly in business, your partnerships with third-party vendors and suppliers are essential, and you need to develop these relationships to ensure they bring you both long-term success.

If you are looking to work with a trade windows and doors supplier, here are four tips for a win-win partnership.

1. Choose your partnership carefully.

No matter how many tips you read concerning how to have a successful partnership with your windows and doors supplier, if you haven’t chosen your partner carefully, it isn’t going to make much difference.

Before you dive into a partnership, make sure you are taking the necessary time to consider the pros and cons of your options. Ascertain which supplier is able to provide you with what you require, when you want it, and for the best price.

Go a stop further and assess all aspects of their business, from their response time to their agreement terms to their charges.

For a win-win partnership, you want to ensure that you are choosing a supplier that you can see your relationship growing with as your business evolves.

2. Be the best partner you can be.

In order to have a win-win partnership, you also need to be the best partner possible. Clearly, you are looking to partner with a supplier because you want to create a mutually beneficial relationship, which requires you to know what you are bringing to the table. You need to be in a position to define your “why” in order to produce powerful connections.

Just as you want to understand what a potential trade windows and doors supplier is able to offer you, you want to know what they are hoping to gain. For this conversation to happen, you both must be clear from the beginning and be committed to listening carefully to each other.

That being said, don’t believe that it is going to be smooth and comfortable at all points of the negotiation (although if it is, then you are on to a winner!). Always be clear about your principles and where you stand, since negotiation is most likely going to play a role in figuring it all out.  

Only move forward when you sense that both parties have had their questions answered thoroughly and when you are trusting that this connection will be valuable and advantageous for both sides.

Don’t rush the process merely to get it over and done with; you don’t want to end up with a less-than-stellar partnership on your hands! Moreover, if the supplier is trying to rush through the negotiations, or tends to have a lack of follow-through, then it could signal potential tension and stress in the coming months and years.

In other words, you want the supplier to be just as thoughtful and precise in planning and negotiation as you are.

3. Ensure they have the products you want.

You could find the perfect trade windows and doors supplier in terms of work ethic, passion, and personality; however, if they don’t stock the products that you need for your clients, then it isn’t going to be a very successful partnership.

One of your main areas of research when looking to partner with a supplier should certainly be to see what products they stock, which brands they sell, and how long they have been working with these particular commodities.  

If, for example, you have particular bi-folding doors that you like to work with, then ensure that the supplier has them — seems simple enough!

However, you also want to ensure you are open to listening to any recommendations the supplier has — especially if they are particularly passionate about their work. After all, they are the professionals, so there is a good chance that they have some insider knowledge about the best products for your project.

Also, you want them to be enthusiastic and passionate about their work because that will translate to how they deal with you and your plan.

4. Have everything in writing.

No one wants a messy breakup — in any aspect of their life — but especially in business partnerships. From the get-go, ensure that you seal all contracts and arrangements in writing so that everyone is on the same page.

Hopefully, your partnerships continue to be rosy for the length of their existence; however, there is always a chance something could happen, and it is better to have your bases covered to minimize any costly results and to provide yourself with protection.

If your potential trade windows and doors supplier is uncomfortable about signing contracts, then move on to look for another supplier to work with because agreements in writing establish a partnership and render a level of protection and honor that is priceless.

Have you recently worked with a trade windows and doors supplier? What was your experience like? Let us know what you look for in your partnerships in the comments below.


Carmen Velilla is an experienced Brand Manager currently overseeing the strategic development of multiple brands as part of the Epwin Group. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing.